The Bridge Gospel Academy is a one-year school centered on bridging the “GAP” for students that need a year to figure out who they are and what God wants them to do with their lives. Our Academy focuses on the student’s relationship with The Father, His word and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to their future. At The Bridge, students will be taught how to define the Gospel, learn how to testify to who Jesus Christ is in their lives and put into immediate practice the life altering skills they are learning.

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Application Process is now open for the 2021 School Year. You can request a paper application or you can click the button here.

Style of Education

The Discipleship style of education every student class will go through is a comprehensive learning environment with a core curriculum consisting of:

  • Life Skills Classes (i.e. Financial peace university and proper stewardship skills)
  • Interactive Ministry (every student will need to work approx. 6-8 hours in a ministry outside of school putting into practice all they are learning)
  • Work-Study (each student will have job duties at Camp ALACCA which will help facilitate their learning environment as well as teach them life skills)
  • Biblical Classes (i.e. New Testament survey, The Life of Christ, etc…)
  • Practical Evangelical Training (i.e. what is the Gospel and how do I share it, as well as apologetics)

  • Spiritual Enrichment Treks “SETs” (every month students will go on trips that have a spiritual formation in the testing of their beliefs, engaging in active ministry and encountering our living God, ending with a written paper on their experience/encounter with God)
  • The Holy Land Experience (every class year will end with a backpacking trip to Israel where students will walk in the footsteps of the disciples, apostles and our Lord Jesus Christ, seeing firsthand, that these places and people are/were real)


  • $10,000 yearly

    • Holy Land Experience-$2500
    • 1st Semester-$3,750
    • 2nd Semester-$3,750



*$6,250 DUE Before 1st Semester begins (this is First Semester dues along with the Holy Land Experience).